Thursday, February 26, 2009

The POWER of the Canon 24mm 1.4L by Cleo the Cat.

So today I am posting a couple simple photos of Cleo the Cat. She is an amazing little animal that has become a good friend of mine over the past little bit. What's amazing is that I was horribly allergic cats not long ago, but somehow, my body has adapted and I am able to enjoy them (her cohort, George aka Big Man, aka Morris, aka Fat Man, aka Dreamsicle, aka Big Boy, aka Butterscoth, get the point; is also in the house) with no allergy meds at all. Pretty cool I think. With that said, I am still allergic, but as long as I don't touch my eyes, I seem to be good.

So this is a simple tech post about the might Canon 24mm 1.4L camera lens. For those that aren't familiar, lenses are generally not that sharp wide open (f1.4). This is so not the case with the 24 1.4. This b%@$# is tack sharp wide open and grillin' close to the subject. Cleo was my willing model for this quick exercise. Note the incredibly narrow depth of field,; especially impressive considering it is a wide angle lens.

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