Sunday, February 15, 2009

Johsua Tree

These are from a recent trip to Joshua Tree Nat'l Park, CA. With Tina, Bonnie, Val, August, and Kadile; we enjoyed good weather, great scenery and superb climbing in the high desert of So Cal. Good times.

These are some shots from the airplane on the flight out. I used my Canon point and shoot in RAW via a program on the memory card called CDHK...for all those inclined. Thanks for the heads up on that on Joe.

This is Val on his first ever traditional lead on Overhang Bypass. Well done Val!

Tina on Fote Hog, a 200ft route in the Real Hidden Valley...she's 6mos pregnant! And crushed it...safely.

Bonnie flashing Illusion Dweller on toprope. Bonnie pretty much killed it the whole trip!

This is Bonnie on her second trad lead on Sail Away, a classic fingers to hand crack.

And this is my bother from another mother, Mike Kadile, also on Sail Away.

And this is August also enjoying Sail Away with yet another spectacular skyscape.

And here is a couple pics of the landscape that is J Tree.

This is a bulb exposure of Mike with a flash that I popped on his face. One of my faves of the trip...although I don't have any that I don't like.

This is August spray painting light. The artist for the light was Val.

All images Copyright 2009 Aaron Brouwer Photography


Unknown said...

Killer photos!

Anonymous said...

Nice pictures Aaron. Keep it up!