Monday, May 25, 2009

Totally Random...

So I was shooting a wedding a couple weeks back and the reception was at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago and I was stopped by security and asked what I was doing. I stated that I was part of the wedding that was there on that day. The large gentleman that was behind the desk was fine with that answer, as he is just trying to get paid. The angry lady however, was not ok with it. She asked what I was doing for the wedding and I said I was the photographer. Mind you, and this is the key point, while I am being questioned probably 50-100 people walked in and were not asked a thing. So I have to get going and work, so I keep my mouth shut just so I can leave. I have to surrender my ID so they can type it all into a computer and I have to be photographed for a name badge! Whatev, I'll do it...sort of. I really had to put my foot down here for no real reason other than it was a complete joke...tons of people are walking right by me and I'm the only on that has to go through this (Kristina and Molly came later and also did not have to go through this.) So on the principle that it was ridiculous, I did my best not to be photographed. Below is the classic souvenir that I was left with. "Aaron Brouney Picture Man". Thank you completely and utterly incompetent security guards for at least allowing me many laughs in exchange for being hassled.

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sandy rosencrans said...

this is awesome!
to be framed and hung up!